Adipurush Box Office Collection Day 3 : Total Earnings Of Adipurush Worldwide

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Step into the mesmerizing world of Adipurush Day 3 brings with it a thrilling box office update. Prepare to be amazed by the worldwide earnings of this epic saga. Join us as we unveil the astounding numbers that redefine cinematic success. Witness the triumph of Adipurush, a record-breaking sensation rewriting history. Experience the magic of this unparalleled box office phenomenon.

Adipurush is a newly released film in Bollywood cinema. This film is based on the Hindu epic Ramayana. So, nowadays it is the most watched film. Om Raut is the director. And T Series Company produced the Adipurush movie.

This movie shows a fight between the god Ram and Lankesh Raavan. So, this is the best film you can watch with your family. Adipurush movie budget is 500 crores. So the box office collection of the Adipurush movie Day 3 is expected to be high. 

This article provides you total with information on box office collections. It provides complete details of what is the box office collection of Adipurush. So, don’t look further; read the below information regarding box office collection. 

Adipurush box office collection details

Article nameAdipurush Box Office Collection Day 3
Movie nameAdipurush
Released date of movie16 June, 2023
Budget500 crores
ProducerOm raut Bhushan kumar Krishan kumar Prasad sutar Rajesh Nair
DirectorOm raut
Starring cast of moviePrabhas Kriti sanon Saif ali khan Sunny singh Devdatta nage
Day 1 box office collection85 crore rupee Hindi language = 35 cr Malayalam language = 0.4 cr Telugu language = 50 cr Tamil language = 0.7 cr Kannada language = 0.4 cr
Day 2 box office collection6o crore rupee
Day 3 box office collection130 crore rupee
Total box office collection300 cr rupee

Overview of Adipurush Movie : 

The big-budget film Adipurush is believed to mark a turning point for the Indian cinema industry. Bhushan Kumar and Krishan Kumar is the producer of Adipurush , and they worked so hard. Om Raut is the director and has worked very hard. 

The film will be released in multiple languages, such as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada, and in 3D. The epic fight between God Rama and the demon king Ravana is the main subject of Adipurush. 

This film shows the struggle of Lord Rama. This film indicates how lord Rama overcame the demon king Raavan and saved his sita. 

Prabhas and Saif Ali Khan are two well-known Bollywood actors. They play key roles in the Adipurush film. Prabhas will play the role of Rama. The role of Lankesh will be played by the versatile and talented actor Saif Ali Khan. Kriti Sanon plays the main character of Sita in the film.

Adipurush Movie Budget

Adipurush has a 600 crore budget which makes it a sophisticated film. The initial budget was 500 crores, but afterward the release of the trailer, people started avoiding it. And then producers decided to start working on it again. 

So, the ultimate budget was 600 Crores INR after adding 100 Crores additional for VFX work. It also depends on how everyone reacted to the fan-made trailer. This attracted a lot of attention and produced a lot of enthusiasm among fans.

 Its successful opening day in theatres suggests that it will surpass expectations and become a big movie. So let’s check out what is the box office collection of Adipurush.

Adipurush Movie Box Office Collection

This epic film will be released in both Telugu and Hindi. Also, this film was released in many other languages like Tamil and Malayalam. On June 16, movie lovers can see this film in theatres. There are already a lot of shows scheduled for the first day. 

This movie is also available in 3D for viewers. So they can enjoy themselves a lot. So, this film will further boost its box office earnings.

Many fans are thrilled to see Prabhas portray Raghava in this Adipurush film because it depends on the Epic. After its original release, Adipurush movie box office Collection Day 2 is anticipated to earn more than $100 crores.

Adipurush is anticipated to receive favorable feedback from the international audience as well. As a result, this film is anticipated to gross between INR 150 and INR 180 crores during its opening week globally. The actual global earnings will be made public soon. However, Adipurush is anticipated to have a successful opening because of the presence of numerous A-list actors, including Prabhas and Saif.

Adipurush Movie Box Office Collection Day 1

Adipurush movie box office collection on the first day was 85 crores. Of this, 35 crores come from the Hindi language Adipurush film. Fifty crores come from the Telugu language Hindi movie. And 0.7 crores come from the Tamil language movie.

Kannada language and Malayalam versions made 0.4 crores. Adipurush has already had a great impact at the box office, even though the total net collection continues to be calculated. With a budget of about 500 crores, the movie has attracted huge global interest. The Telugu version makes the high box office collection of Adipurush on day 1. 

And it has been set for a major release. It is taking up 10,000 screens worldwide. And 7,000 screens are available in India. And remain 3,000 screens available outside.

Adipurush Movie Box Office Collection Day 2

Adipurush was projected to earn 50 crore in its first week of release. Adipurush has the potential to make between 150 and 170 crores in total over the opening weekend. Adipurush movie box office collection is about 85 crores on its opening day.

So, the Adipurush movie box office collection on day two is expected to be about 60 cores to 70 crores. And the highest collection comes from the Hindi and Tamil versions of Adipurush. It shows this movie breaks all the movie records. 

So, stay updated with the latest announcement to know the box office collection of the Adipurush. 

FAQs :                           

How Many the Rupee Budget for the Adipurush Movie?

Adipurush’s movie budget is approximately 500 cr. 

Which role is played by Prabhas in the Adipurush movie?

Prabhas played a double role in the Adipurush movie. He played a Dashrath king role and a Raghava role in the Adipurush movie. 

Who Plays a Lankesh Role in the Adipurush Movie?

Saif Ali khan plays a lankesh role in adipurush movie. It is a role of Raavan.

What is the box office collection of Adipurush es?

box office collection of Adipurush movies is approximately 146.50 crores.

What is the box office collection of the Adipurush movie on day 2?

Adipurush movie box office collection day 2 is about 60 to 70 crores. 

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