David Sacks Net Worth in 2023: Biography, Age, Career and More

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David Sacks is a famous entrepreneur and investorDavid Sacks’ business ventures, management positions, and investments have a major impact on technology. Davidsacks have been active in several lucrative businesses, including PayPal, Yammer and Craft Ventures.

 He keeps trying to coach and assist businesses as the founder and CEO of Craft Ventures. And he is a major player in the cryptocurrency industry. If you want to know about David Sacks, read the article until the end. 

This article provides you with information about David Sack’s net worth, David sacks career and personal life. Also, this article provides you with early life information about David Sacks. So, don’t go further and get all of the details about David Sacks. 

David sacks details :

Article nameDavid Sacks Net Worth in 2023 : Biography, Age, Career and More
Article forDavid sacks
Birth date25th may, 1972
Born placeCape town , south Africa
Education placeStanford university University of Chicago
Well known forFormer CEO of zenefits CEO of yammer Former COO of PayPal
Wife nameJacqueline tortorice
AwardsSan Francisco business times Workforce management game changers award San Francisco business times bay area’s most admired CEOs

David Sacks net worth :

The estimated net worth of David Sacks is around $250 million. Sacks began his career as a product manager at PayPal. It is a business that processed payments and was later bought out by eBay in 2002. Sacks went on to take executive positions at other technology firms after his achievement in PayPal.

With Sacks’ track record of achievement as a businessman and IT leader, David Sacks’ net worth is anticipated to increase over the next few years. His net worth might surpass $300 million this year due to investments and new business ventures. 

David Sacks is also anticipated to continue investing most of his wealth in digital firms and other investment possibilities. It’s even possible that his estimated net worth at the time was substantially bigger than it is today.

Now you are thinking that where did David Sacks make his money? Here, you will get the answer to this question. Read the below details to get the answer to this question.

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Where did David Sacks make his money?

David Sacks is a popular businessman and investor. He built up an impressive sum of money throughout his career. He has participated in several successful startups and invested in some of the most profitable businesses in technology.

DavidSacks started his career as a lawyer but soon discovered that information technology was his greatest passion. He became COO of PayPal when it was still in its infancy.

David Sacks has also supported businesses like Airbnb, SpaceX, and Uber as an investor. He is the founder and CEO of Craft Ventures. It is a venture capital company specializing in making early investments in tech startups.

David Sacks’ social media accounts have many followers. So, he is also making some money with his social media accounts. 

David Sacks’ early life :

Oliver is an alternate name for David Sacks. Do many people think that what is David Sacks’ nationality? He was introduced to the world in Cape Town, South Africa. So, his nationality is South Africa.

Many have a question where did David Sacks go to college? His family relocated to Tennessee in the USA when he was a little child. He completed his graduated from Stanford University with a degree in economics. And he also has a law degree from the University of Chicago.

David Sacks age : 

The popular David Sacks is filled with joy and optimism when we welcome the year 2023. 

Most people are thinking, how old is David Sacks? David Sacks turns 51 this year because he was born on May 25, 1972. 

David Sacks has always been positive, and this significant year is no different. He has an energetic personality and an enthusiasm for life, so He welcomes each New Year as a chance for progress and new opportunities.

 Sacks’ achievement in the fast-moving fields of business and technology has been mainly due to his optimistic outlook and endurance.

David sacks career :


In 1999, Sacks started his business career. DavidSacks would later move to the position of Chief Operating Officer, with the charge of 700 workers in PayPal. Under his rule, PayPal experienced rapid growth.

 Sacks also attended when the company went public, and the IPO and subsequent sale made Sacks extremely wealthy. 

Room 9 Entertainment       

Sacks would launch their own production business, Room 9 Entertainment. Thank You for Smoking named film would be the company’s biggest commercial achievement.

Craft ventures 

David Sacks founded the angel investing business Craft Ventures in 2017. For the company, he first massively raised $350 million. After that, Davidsacks increased to $1.1 billion. During this time, he has made investments in scores of profitable businesses.


David Sacks founded Geni.com to carry on his entrepreneurial endeavors. The website was developed as part of an initiative. It enables users to collaborate and establish an online family tree with various genetic materials.

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FAQs : 

Who is a David Sack? 

David Sack is a highly profiled businessman, author and investor. He is the CEO of Yammer and Zenefits. Also, he is the COO of PayPal. 

Who is the CEO OF yammer?

David Sack is the CEO of Yammer. 

What is the birthdate of David Sacks, and where was he born?

David Sacks’ birth date is May 25, 1972. He was born in Cape Town, which is situated in South Africa. 

How many organizations has David Sacks established?

David Sacks established three organizations yammer, craft ventures Geni and Room 9 Entertainments. 

Who are the parents of David Sacks?

David Sacks’ father’s name is Dr. Samuel Sacks. He is an endocrinologist. His mother’s name is Dr. Muriel Elsie Landau. She is also a doctor. So, he belongs to the doctor’s family but David sacks inspired by his grandfather. 

Does David Sack have children?

Yes, David Sacks have three children. He has two daughters and one son. 

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