Famous wrestler John Cena Sets the Guinness World Record for Granted wishes

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WWE icon John Cena became a hero to hundreds of kids after he granted 650 wishes to the Make a wish Foundation. “No one granted more than 200 wishes before John Cena,” the Make-A-Wish foundation said. Cena was granted the first Wish of this Foundation in 2002.

Now after granting 650 wishes for the Make-A-Wish Organization, He holds the world record for most wishes granted. Guinness World Records was announced last week.

The exciting movement shows Cena’s humanity. Cena said “If you ever need me for this ever, I don’t care what I’m doing, I will drop what I’m doing and be involved because I think that’s the coolest thing,”

John Cena join the WWE in 1999 professionally, before his wrestling career he is an actor. All throughout his wrestling career has remained the most popular athlete. In his 20 years career, he is a 16-time world champion in WWE. Now Cena is 45 years old.

According to the Make-A-Wish foundation, John Cena is their most requested celebrity. No other Celebrity has granted more than 200 wishes since the foundation started 42 years ago. Make-A-Wish Foundation helps fulfill the wishes of children aged 2-18 who have been diagnosed with a critical illness.

In July, the Foundation congratulated Cena for his 20 years completed in the WWE fighting community, Where he has also been the face of the “Be a Star” anti-bullying campaign.

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