NGMI Crypto – Everything You Need to Know about Ngmi in Crypto 

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The Cryptocurrency Community is always innovating and finding new ways and terms but What is ngmi in crypto. So, if you want to know about everything about ngmi crypto then read this article till the very end and you’ll get all the answers to your questions related to ngmi crypto. 

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What is Ngmi? | Ngmi Crypto 

Ngmi crypto usually stand for “Not going to make” it is a term used for investors who make bad decisions while trading and fully ignore the charts and profit and loss while trading in cryptocurrency and don’t understand the value and role of charts. 

These people sell their shares at a very low price even when in charts it’s showing that the value of shares will go up and that’s why it is said they are not going to make it in the market and will eventually lose a lot of money, because they spectate the market rather than researching it. 

What Is Ngmi In Crypto? 

In cryptocurrency Ngmi “Not Going To Make It” is a statement used for investors or people who think that NFT currency is not real and who genuinely have no knowledge about how trading works. 

They don’t invest in long term trading and make bad decisions in finances and sell their crypto coins or crypto currency cheaply, they are considered as Ngmi in cryptocurrency.

Ngmi is a bad statement and usually means negative. If you say it to a person in cryptocurrency it means you are asking for a fight. Usually it’s used for people who make poor decisions which will lead them to failure in future. 

What does NGMI mean in crypto? 

Ngmi term is also used for people who don’t believe in NFTs and think there is no future in NTFs investment. These people don’t think NFTs are worth their time and effort and consider it to be an investing trend rather than an investment for the future. 

Know About NGMI Crypto
NGMI Crypto

NGMI is used for investors who keep their shares at very low prices and continuously change it from time to time. They don’t think of making profit which is why eventually they end up losing all their shares and money. 

As we all know NFTs are a new age concept and still many people don’t know about them, which is why they simply don’t trust NFTs and don’t wanna invest their time and money in it, which is exactly why they’re called as NGMI. 

Because they buy shares without any research and sell at low prices without making any profit. They buy shares that are going to fall down or don’t have any profit and they don’t check marketing charts if there is profit in that particular share or not and end up making bad decisions and lose all their shares and money. 

What Does WAGMI Means in Ngmi Crypto 

WAGMI is short form of “We Are Going To Make It”. It is a positive statement which is used to encourage investors that they can make it and not to lose hope and that they are going to make it in terms of some project or investment in crypto that is sure to be successful. 

When a group of people or community buy NFTs or shares early and when the shares prices start rising they say WAGMI which means “We Are Going To Make It” means we are going to make profit. 

Ngmi and wagmi both are used in NTFs for a group of communities. Ngmi crypto is a negative statement to describe a community or people who make

bad decisions in crypto trading while WAGMI is used for a group of community or people who make good decisions and invest in successful shares and projects in crypto. 

On Oct 27 2021 JRNY Crypto tweeted “people that compare NFTs to tulip mania are NGMI and will cry later.” And many other NFTs think that people who don’t believe in NFTs value are losers and call them NGMI. 

By this tweet and comment you can see that NGMI is not a good statement and only works in NFTs world of CryptoCurrency, while NFTs are definitely here to stay and there is definitely a lot of money in this field, people are still conscious about making an investment in this field. 


We hope you now understand what is the meaning of ngmi crypto and why is this term ngmi crypto used frequently in the NFTs space. While many people are wondering what is nft and asking questions about this online money making field. 

Some people consider it to be a fluke and consider NFTs a trend without properly understanding what NFTs are and that’s exactly why the term NGMI is used for them. So do you know what an NFT is?

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