Here is Everything You Need to Know about Nano Machine Wiki

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You may be wondering what nano machine wiki is and why people are talking about it, but don’t worry because at the end of this article, you’ll know everything about nanomachine wiki.

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What is Nano Machine Wiki?

Nano machine, Nanomasin or 나노머신 is a manhwa and it was released in 2020, A manhwa is a type of book or manga which you can read online or buy from stores, which is very difficult because most of the stores don’t have a lot of mangas and manhwas.

That’s why it’s released online and people are loving this manhwa as it has action and adventure, also it is a type of sci-fi and Fantasy manhwa where the story of Cheon Yeo-Woon is displayed to the reader.

But what is the story of nano machine wiki and what’s the reason behind its success in the manhwa world?

What’s the story of Nano Machine?

Nano machine or Nanomasin is based on an orphan from Demonic Cult whose name is Cheon Yeo-Woon and he after spending his whole life in disdain gets on to become the best martial artist ever!

But he gets some help in doing it, his descendant from the future helps him when he’s dying in a forest and inserts a nano chip inside him which changes Cheon Yeo-Woon life dramatically, after it’s activation he gets to a whole new level of martial arts, where he’s unbeatable.

Who Made Nano Machine?

The latest or the 7th generation Nano Machine was made by the descendant of Cheon Yeo Woon in the near future which was injected into him during the start of the story to help him gain many abilities and defeat death itself.

Who is the Female Lead of Nano Machine?

Mun Ku or Moon Gyu is the female protagonist or lead in the Nano Mahine manhua, Mun is the granddaughter of Mun Yun, who is one of the leaders of the Demonic Cult.

What are the Abilities that Cheon Yeo Woon Gained from Nano Machine?

After a body like Cheon Yeo Woon’s is injected with Nano Machine, it gains many abilities which is unknown in the human world like Scanning, Self-Healing, Emergency Defense Mode, Transfer, etc.

But what are these abilities and how do they work?

Self Healing:- The Ability to Heal on its Own!

  • Self healing as the name goes helps Cheon Yeo Woon in healing himself, whenever he’s injured.
  • When Cheon Yeo Woon suffers a large wound it takes time for him to heal as self healing takes times to regenerate if he’s injured brutally.
  • Self healing also helps him in preventing poison from his body and also extracts it if it goes inside our hero’s body.
  • Cheon Yeo Woon can’t get drunk or put under an illusion because of this ability, which makes him more powerful and aware.

Scanning:- The Ability to Scan it’s Sorrounding!

  • Cheon Yeo Woon can facially recognize if a person is telling the truth or not.
  • He can copy texts and Images written in the books around him.
  • Whenever he sees a person doing marital arts, he learns it himself.

Other than these two he also has many others like Transfer, Nano Suit, etc.

Is Nano Machine popular?

Nano machine was released in 2020 as a manhwa and is still ongoing, it has almost 251k readers every month which makes it very popular and readers eagerly wait for the release of every single chapter.

Nano Machine
Nano Machine

So if you have been thinking of reading a really great manhwa then nano machine should definitely be on that list, because it’s a total package of action and adventure where you can experience a totally different world with a thrilling story.

Who is the Author of Nano Machine?

Nano machine is a great future tech manhwa which is written by Han-Joong-Wueol-Ya, and it’s his first manhwa which has turned out to be quite popular in the manhwa and manga world. The characters in this manhwa are greatly and intelligently added to add suspense and excitement in the mind of the user. 

There are currently 113 episodes in this manhwa which is still on-going and has a lot of content because its story is expanding more and more. This manhwa is mysterious in some ways and the reader is engaged in every episode because the visual content is commendable.

Where can you read Nano Machine?

Nano machine is available for free to read on manga and manhwa sites where you can read this thriller for free, it has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on many popular manga sites which makes it worth your time.

So if you’re searching for an action packed manga with a great storyline to read, then Nano Machine Wiki is a popular option with a great rating showing readers satisfaction and love for this manhwa and it’s going on.

You can read Nano Machine on many websites like mangagg, manhua zone, etc. The story revolves around Cheon Yeo-Woon and how he was forbidden from learning martial arts which he learns through the help from his descendant.

But there’s more which you can only learn when you read this manhwa.


Nano machine wiki is an example of how nanotechnology is gonna become the next big thing in the tech industry and also why billionaires like Elon Musk are investing their time and money in it.

So if you’re in for a great nano tech related manhwa then you won’t be disappointed after reading this manhwa, because it has a great and compelling storyline with good character building and it also has some mysteries which will keep you hooked till the very end.

This manhwa is not just about futuristic tech but also adventure and it has a thrilling experience for the user which makes it a lot better and unique. So if you were looking for information about Nano Machine wiki, we hope this article could be of some help.

But what type of manhwa and manga do you like and are you going to read Nano Machine? Do let us know about it in the comments section.


Is Nano Machine Korean manhwa?

Nano Machine is not a Korean manhwa, instead, it’s a Korean Webtoon adaptation of a web novel that was also named Nano Machine.

Is there a sequel for Nano Machine?

Nano Machine is not going to release another, nor there will be a translation for the previous one, this manhwa has been stopped by the author itself.

Who is the demon god in Nano Machine?

Blade God or 극도신, Geug Do Shin is the demon god or the main antagonist of the first sequel of Nano Machine. He is also from the future and is also the creator of the Extreme Art of Blade in the present timeline.

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