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Are you still wondering what’s the rebirth of the urban immortal wiki? If yes, then don’t worry because after reading this article, you’ll know all about it.

In this world of manhua and novels, the trend of online novels and manhua has increased rapidly. People are reading great content from sci-fi novels to adventure and action. Which is why the rebirth of the urban immortal wiki or 重生之都市修仙 is getting quite popular.

People are really excited for this novel and manhua, while the novel has been discontinued now but the manhua is still going on and people are loving every release.

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What’s Rebirth of the Immortal Wiki about?

The title – Rebirth of the Immortal already provides the reader with an understanding that the hero of the manhua takes birth again who is Chen Fan. He dies in his human life without achieving much but he takes birth again, only this time he is a different being.

He is strong and smart, so much that he eventually earns the title of the strongest immortal within the central immortal galaxy. But he’s met with difficulties everyday, while he’s on his journey and he is accompanied by his wife Fang Qiong. He also has many disciples like A’Xiu, Xuedai Sha, Qi Xiu Er, etc.

In his past life, ‘The Great Cultivator’ Chen Fan didn’t achieve the apotheosis of the universe, nor was accompanied by anyone but in this one, he wants both. But who wrote Rebirth of the Urban Immortal.

Who’s the author of Rebirth of the Urban Immortal?

The rebirth of the urban immortal is a novel written by Ten Miles Sword God and this novel is in many genres like Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts, School Life, Xianxia and Romance. This is ten miles sword god’s first novel and it’s a hit because many novel websites have given it rating above 4.5 out of 5.

So if you like adventure, fantasy and school life novels then Rebirth of the Urban Immortal Wiki is a great choice for you, while the novel has been dropped but the manhua is being continued and people are loving it. Although some people think the MC (Main Character) is arrogant and boring now.

People have their opinions about this just like any other novel but if you like reading Action and Fantasy novels then this novel is really recommended. But how many chapters are there in the rebirth of the urban immortal.

How many episodes does Rebirth of the Urban Immortal Wiki have?

If you’re wondering about the length of this novel then don’t worry because it’s a huge novel with 12 Volumes having 1207 episodes so if you’re looking for a long and adventurous novel then this one may be it.

Even though opinions about the novel matter from people to people but as the story progresses people seem to lose attention of the novel and then inevitably consider it boring but this one is still going strong, although some people now consider it dull.

Still a lot of people love reading this novel because of its components and storyline, which is quite popular these days in the novel and manhua world. But did people really like Rebirth of the Urban Immortal?

What are the Reviews about Rebirth of the Urban Immortal?

Rebirth of the Urban Immortal Wiki is given a 4 star rating on many novels and manhua websites but after the release of some previous volume of this novel, the audience seems bored and the novel seems incomplete which is why the author Ten Miles Sword God has continued the manhua to create and ending for this great novel.

Return of the Urban Immortal has been 4 out of 5 for story development on many novel websites and the character design and world background is also great in this novel and manhua, although recent episodes have not had enough liking.

Still this novel has been in the top 5 novels when it comes to action, adventure and fantasy. Which is exactly why it has such a huge following and people still wait for it’s every episode even in manhua.


If you dig adventure and school boy novels then Rebirth of the Urban Immortal is a must read for you, it has a compelling storyline with great character designing. It has more than 1200 episodes so you’ll never get enough of it. Do tell us about your thoughts on the Return of the Urban Immortal in the comment section.

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