Best And Genuine Ways to Make Bold Text on YouTube

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YouTube is one of the largest video-sharing platforms. Here you can create your own community and channel to interact with the billions of users across the globe. There are lots of such amazing and unique features on the platform. So, today in this article we are going to talk learn how to make bold text on YouTube.

This feature is unknown to most of users and they don’t even have an idea to use this feature. If you have looked in the video’s comment then I am pretty sure you might have seen a bold text comment. There are lots of text formatting that you can do on YouTube all you need to do is execute HTML code.

Every website on the Internet is written by using HTML language. So, whenever you write some HTML code it will execute on YouTube. This is how people use HTML tags to change the format of the text. So, let’s look at the step-wise process to format the text on YouTube comments.

How to change text formatting on YouTube comments

Follow the stepwise process to bold the text on YouTube:

  • Step 1: First open YouTube on your Browser or your Mobile phones
  • Step 2: Now search the video where you want to write a bold comment.
  • Step 3: After you find the video click or tap on it and scroll down the video and click on the comment.
  • Step 4: Now, first write the comment. And After that you can write a comment Put an asterisk (*) on the starting of the word and end of the word without bracket. You can also put an asterisk to bold the whole sentence as well.
Bold Text On Yotube Comments
Bold Text On Yotube Comments

Comment: Video was very *Informative* and helpful

Comment: Video was very Informative and Helpful

After you put an asterisk on the comment post the comment and you will see a bold text on the middle of your comment or anywhere on your comment where you have put an asterisk.

This is how you can bold the text on YouTube comment by putting an asterisk on the first and last of the text.

How to Italicize Text in a YouTube Comment?

You can do lots of things with your text on the YouTube comment and Italic is one of them. So, let’s looks step-wise process to italicize the comment:

  • Step 1: First open YouTube on your browser or in your Mobile
  • Step 2: Search the video in which you want to comment or italicize the comment.
  • Step 3: Now go to the comment section and write a comment and cover your word or sentence with (_). Make sure to cover the word from the beginning and the end.
  • Step 4: After you cover your comment now posit and you will see your text being italicize.

This is how you can italicize the text on your YouTube comment. The process is very much similar to the first method we have tried to make our text bold.


So, formatting the text helps us to draw the attention of YouTubers who are reading comments. I hope that you have got the answer to How to make the bold text on YouTube. Now, you can easily format the comment on YouTube without any difficulty after reading this article. I have tried my best to clear all of your doubts but if you still found any problem regarding these steps then you can comment below and we would try our best to clear your queries.

FAQs Regarding “How to Make Bold Text on YouTube?”

Why do I make bold text on YouTube comments?

There’s no specific reason to bold the text on YouTube comments you can do it just to have fun or else to highlight the comment so that your comment catches other’s eyes.

Can we write bold letters in live videos?

Yes, you can also write in bold letters in live videos.

Does this bolding text feature also work while replying to someone else’s comment on YouTube?

Yes, the bolding feature does work while replying to someone else’s comment on YouTube.

Is changing the fonts available while commenting on YouTube option available?

Yes, you also have a feature to change your fonts while commenting on YouTube.

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