State Auto Home Insurance Detailed Information – Review, Price, Claim, & Ph. Number

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Liberty Mutual purchased State Auto home insurance in early 2022. It offers a variety of attractive coverage options for homeowners and auto insurance. The average home insurance rate is lower than average, and the company’s car insurance rates are higher. Drivers looking for exceptional service might want to consider other options. In this article, we have discussed Who is State Auto Owned By?

The company’s auto insurance product has a higher-than-average complaint index from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. State Auto offers a variety of insurance products, including home, auto, and business. While the company may be a good fit for you if your goal is to customize your policy, some drawbacks are also. Bankrate did a thorough State Auto Insurance Review to help you determine if this company is right for you. Before you decide, go below and see the answer to the question: Is State a good insurance Company? and the State auto insurance reviews.

Bankrate Score

State Auto home insurance is an excellent choice for the best home insurer. State Auto home insurance can be purchased in the same format as car insurance. There are three packages available: Standard, Protection Plus, and Premier. You can also add endorsements to your coverage, such as identity fraud, home-sharing coverage, and protection from service lines.

State Auto’s home insurance scores 0.69, which is lower than the average complaint index for auto products. This means that State Auto’s home insurance received more minor complaints than the average.

State Auto Home Insurance Cost

For a policy that covers $250,000 of dwelling coverage, the average home insurance cost is $1,383 annually. State Auto’s average home insurance cost is $12,218 per annum, slightly less than the national average. State Auto’s average rates vary across coverage levels. The cost of home insurance is similar to auto insurance; however, it varies depending on many factors.

State Auto Home Insurance Services

State Auto offers home insurance as well as condo owners and renters. State Auto might be able to provide insurance for you if you own or manage a ranch or farm. The company website also offers valuable tips and checklists for homeowners, like auto insurance.

State Auto Insurance Reviews

State Auto’s customer satisfaction score, which is above-average for its industry, is higher than average. However, it has an average customer complaint score. State Auto’s auto insurance rates are not as competitive as other insurers, and they may also charge more for coverage due to its poor affordability score.

State Auto offers comprehensive coverage that includes protection for personal property, coverage for service lines, and coverage for equipment breakdowns. Many of the most important features are only available to those who purchase higher product tiers. These were some outstanding state auto insurance reviews.

Home Insurance

State Auto offers homeowners insurance policies both for detached single-family homes and condos. The coverage includes liability, personal property, and basic structure, and you can add additional features or options to this coverage.

Three different package endorsement options are available to Homeowners: Secure guard Defender Estate. Each one has extra coverage and limits to enhance protection.

The HomeXtended package is similar to the auto program. It provides extra coverage beyond what your insurance policy covers, including:

  • Increased coverage for identity theft
  • Coverage for personal business equipment and computer
  • Volunteer liability
  • Golf cart rented
  • Fire extinguisher recharge/replace and false alarm
  • Coverage for cell phones and GPS
  • Mortgage extra expense

This package can be accessible to the Prime of Life program, giving you more insurance discounts like the auto policy.

Is State, a Good Insurance Company?

Below is the answer to Is state a good insurance company:

State Auto’s customer satisfaction rating is above-average. However, its customer complaints score is average. State Auto’s auto insurance rates are less competitive than other insurers due to their poor affordability, and they may also charge more for coverage.

Who owns the State Auto?

Liberty Mutual Insurance currently owns it.

It has acquired State Auto Group, a superregional property/casualty insurance holding company headquartered in Columbus. The company distributes small and large commercial coverages in 33 US states through about 3,400 independent agents. Liberty Mutual’s Global Retail Markets US business will include more than 2,000 State Auto employees.

Liberty Mutual, the second-largest independent agent channel carrier, increases its premium by $2.3 billion through a mutual transaction and merger.

State auto insurance details:

NameState Auto Insurance Companies
CompanyState Auto Insurance Companies
Year of its foundation1921
Home OfficeColumbus, OH
General Telephone Number(614) 464-5000
Claim InformationClaims (Source)

State auto insurance Phone Number:

Below is the state auto insurance phone number

(800) 766-1853

Billing Information:


Visit Website (Bill Pay).

Billing Phone Number:

(800) 444-9950 x5118

Final Words

State auto insurance is best for home insurance. You can also search state auto insurance reviews for home insurance for more details.

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